DVTEL Cloud Services

DVTEL Cloud Services is a surveillance system health monitoring tool that allows you to view, monitor, manage sites, and detect potential problems before they even occur.

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6 Cloud Services Benefits

Count down the top six ways in which cloud-based monitoring can benefit end users and resellers.

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Multi-Layered Cyber Defense

DVTEL’s cyber defense suite handles the IT vulnerabilities of surveillance devices.

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Search, Identify, Destroy

Seal IT corporate grids from cyber penetrability through IP video networks.

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Keeping Baltimore Safer with CitiWatch

Developed to reduce criminal activity in hot spots across the city, Baltimore’s groundbreaking project, CitiWatch, uses DVTEL's surveillance solutions to better protect residents and visitors.

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Securing the 2015 Boston Marathon

Hundreds of cameras, including many from DVTEL, kept a close eye all along the route and a new system linked all public cameras, giving police greater surveillance capabilities than ever before.

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Springfield Water Commission

How this municipal water supply organization took advantage of advances in security technology to better leverage their networks, systems integration potential and significantly improve video quality.

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Strength in Numbers

Sometimes the strongest solution for a given facility happens when two distinct technologies work seamlessly together as one, like pairing thermal cameras with video analytics for instance.

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